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Portfolio (click to enlarge)

“Waiting for the Music to Start” is designed around a twisted tree branch with an added wool torso, beads and fiber hair

“Ambre Jaune”  was created from gold mossed bark, recycled fabric and raveled fiber

“Don’t Walk: Dance” was conceived around a broken semi fore sign retrieved on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis and it comments on the hectic nature of inner-city living.  The hair is raveled upholstery fabric

 “Aerosol Annie” was created from a recycled T-shirt body with a rusted aerosol can dress, a bottle cap hat and silk hair

“Can Can-Can” has a fabric body with a rusty paint can lid tutu and metal shavings for hair

“The Twins” are composed of salvaged, rusty bed springs, rusted metal shavings, bottle caps and recycled fabric

“Zipper Rhumba” is composed of reutilized zippers and fiber

Created from a rusty fishing creel

Created from a hornet’s nest

Created from candle holders

Created from driftwood

Created with chain necklace & vintage pin

Created from a rusted kitchen strainer

Cheek to Cheek

Created from plastic zippers

Created from old bed springs / metal hoops.

Rusted metal shavings for hair

The Spring Salsa

Created from misc springs

Lindy Lid Hop

Created from vintage jelly jar lids

A Woman's Celebration

Created from driftwood

Created from tree trunk section

Barn Door Ballet

Created from barn wood

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